Alexis Jardin is a self-taught, all-around visual artist who started her career in modeling industry at a very young age and still working. A long with hair and make-up, and photography. Alexis grew more interested in art and art direction / design which allowed her to further acquire a unique style of her own. Painting, especially, has been a great way for her to express a very distinctive sense of freedom in all of her work throughout her career.

    As a full-time artist, she now calls Toronto her home—after many years of traveling the world. Her solo exhibits have enjoyed extraordinary success, invariably selling out at every show’s end. Her work has appeared in Toronto Life Magizne and has been commissioned by Vincor International, Toronto Novotel Hotels, Magna International, and several elite law firms and the TV Series “Real Housewives Of Toronto” as well as Come Dine With Me.

In addition to this, Alexis is a respected patron, and advocate, of children’s rights and artistic development—volunteering her time, artwork, and expertise to such projects as Camp Oneness in Everett, Ontario, a sanctuary for personal growth and transformation.With regard to the pictures, her exclusive style of bold and vibrant “drip and splash” colours and textures are inspired by the beauty of life’s simple moments—flowers, landscapes, and the natural contours of the human body—along with contemporary abstract subjects that stir the imagination. She has always said that, “Visual art is a chain of events that evoke a particular emotion—another way of telling a story. If nothing else, believe in art.”

    Alexis loves to experiment with different textures and mediums that make each piece of artwork exceptional in its own way. Her paintings have been described as reminiscent of a style that achieves a balance between the abstract and contemporary with some surrealism. The source of the emotional reaction one takes away from her work seems to originate in the combination of these phenomena when they appear together.

    Have a look at her creations and upcoming art shows to fully appreciate the deeply rooted talent of this remarkably original artist.

Thus spoke Peter Chiaramonte.